Children's Yoga Therapy 

Brandon is trained in yoga therapy and works with children and adults in the Asheville area. She specializes in teaching alignment and breathing while focusing on the mind/body connection. Brandon's kids yoga classes are fun and full of music and movement. Brandon is also certified in Creative Relaxation, a yoga therapy program specially designed for children with Autism and Special Needs.  Classes and events for children are also offered. Brandon is available for private sessions.     


What is Children’s Yoga Therapy?


Children’s yoga therapy utilizes Creative Relaxation®, a research-based program developed by Louise Goldberg. The program provides yoga therapy for children, with a primary focus on autism, ADHD, sensory issues, emotional/behavioral disorders, and other special needs. Your child does not require a specific diagnosis in order to benefit from children’s yoga therapy.


Children’s yoga therapy occurs in a private 1-1 setting, or a class format, using a specifically designed yoga therapy lesson plan.  The poses are presented as visuals, on cards of non-descript forms. The poses follow a sequential order from seated, hands and knees, standing, prone and supine.  Each pose is designed to create strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Included with the poses are breath work, singing, songs, games, relaxation and visualization.  


In a children’s yoga therapy setting, the therapist creates a sacred space for children to play, develop social skills, and establish a sense of calm.  Parents are encouraged to remain with their child during the therapy session, or in the class. Parents are invited to sit with their child and participate in class, observe within the studio, or remain in the lobby while the session, or class, is held. 


Children’s Yoga Therapy is beneficial for a wide variety of needs, including but not limited to:

•    ADHD
•    Autism
•    Averting “meltdowns”
•    Balance
•    Body Awareness
•    Build Self-esteem
•    Calm and Energize
•    Emotional/Behavior Disorders
•    Enhances Independence
•    Flexibility
•    Gross Motor Coordination
•    Mindfulness
•    Posture 
•    Self-Calming Strategies
•    Self-regulation
•    Sensory Processing Disorders
•    Speech/Language Development
•    Strength building


Each children’s therapy session will last 30-45 minutes depending on the needs of the child.  A typical session will last 30, with a 15 minute debrief with the parent.  The debrief can happen within the studio, or on the phone at a more convenient time. 

@ Black Mountain Yoga Center  


Private sessions (for adults and children):  
$60 for 45 minutes; 30 minute session, 15 debrief with parent